What do these icons mean? (Click on the award above to view proudcts for that award)

Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Rating

Our Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum ratings are based on actual sales volume. Bronze is used for products with above average sales scaling all the way through to Silver and Gold to Platinum. Platinum is reserved for our highest selling products.

Best of the Best Rating

Best of the Best products are selected by us simply because they are the best of the best for a specific Category. We know these products work and are made of the finest ingredients.

Excellence Award Rating

Products given the Excellence Award are good quality products that are known for their effectiveness throughout the health and fitness industry.

Price Drop Rating

If you are looking for a phenomenal deal then keep your eyes open for the Price Drop logo. This logo indicates that the product has had its price scaled down a considerable amount compared to its previous price.

Great Value Rating

If you are looking to get the greatest value for your dollar look for the GREAT VALUE logo. These products give you a great mix of quality and low prices, making them a great addition to any order.

Thumbs Up Rating

We give a Thumbs Up rating to those products we carry that look like they might be the one of the next great things. We’ve gotten nothing but positive feedback and expect it to continue.


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SVN Price $39.95
MSRP Price $59.99
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SVN Price $29.95
MSRP Price $49.99
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Combo Price $89.85
MSRP Price $199.96

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