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How SVN Points Work

What are SVN Points?

All registered customers are automatically enrolled in our customer loyalty program. Every time you shop with us you will earn points that may be redeemed on future orders to help you save.

How do I redeem my points?

All you need to do to redeem points is login prior to shopping with us. Once logged in if you have enough points to redeem there will be an option to add the redeemable points to your order.

The only requirement we have is that you have a minimum balance of 2500 points. Once you have 2500 points you will be able to redeem your points in groups of 2500.

Redeemable Points Examples
Points Redeemable Purchase Savings
2734 2500 $5.00
14235 12500 $25.00
38570 37500 $75.00

Below are some screen shots to help illustrate how to add redeemable points to your order.

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3

How are my points calculated?

Points are calculated based on the sub total of your order.

How do I view my current points balance?

Login to your shopping cart account and a grey tab appears labeled Account. When you click this tab you will be directed to your account panel. You can view your points total here; you are also given the opportunity to click further to view your points history.

How can I earn bonus points?

Bonus Points Look for the bonus badges on any product that qualifies for bonus points. You can also view all the products with bonus offers on our dedicated bonus product page.

You can also be rewarded points for contributing to our website by writing reviews and rating products. Not only will you earn extra points, but you will be helping other customers in making educated decisions.

Rules & Limitations

Can I transfer my points to another account?

Sorry this is not within our policy. All points are non transferable.

Is there an expiry date on my points?

Our program is based on customer loyalty. We want to reward our customers who shop with us regularly with as many ways to save as possible. In order to make our program efficient to our customers and our business we are required to put a two (2) year expiry on points. This expiry only applies to customers who have not shopped with us within a 24 month period. As long as you are shopping with us one (1) or more times within a 24 month period, your available points from the past will remain active.

Is there a maximum on how many points I can collect?

We currently allow our customers to accumulate up to 250,000 points ($500 redeem value) before you can't earn any more. We encourage you to spend your points as they become available rather than bank them.

Is there a maximum on how many points I can redeem at one time?

We currently allow our customers to redeem up to 25,000 points ($50 redeem value) per transaction.

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