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We are Canada's Premier Online Retailer of Sports Supplements and Nutritional Health Products, shop with us and save on supplements for all of your health and sports nutrition needs. We carry the very best of health products & dietary supplements Canada has to offer. We have products ranging from whey protein to vitamins to organic products from the top Canadian and American brands.

We Ship Supplements Canada Wide!

With the constant change between the Canadian Dollar and the US Dollar, you may notice fluctuations in US Brand prices. We will continue to give the lowest prices possible in regards to importing costs from the US. Many times products will be advertised in the US as cheaper, but when you factor in the shipping and duties it usually brings the cost of an order to above what it costs to buy Supplements in Canada.

Why Buy Supplements in Canada?

Canadian companies have stricter guidelines when manufacturing products compared to most countries. You can guarantee Canadian Supplements contain quality ingredients and do what they claim they do.


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