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BCAA 9.7 by Mutant
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Mutant BCAA 9.7 (1044 gram)


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Mutant BCAA 9.7 Product Info

Why Take Mutant BCAA 9.7

- 9.7 grams of BCAA's packed into every concentrated scoop of this product
- The preferred 2:1:1 ratio
- Added Electrolytes

How To Take Mutant BCAA 9.7

This product can be taken during training or on off days to aid your body with recovery. Simply mix 1 scoop with 250 ml to 500 ml of cold water.

Mutant BCAA 9.7 Product Panel

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Mutant BCAA 9.7 Customer Comments / Ratings

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Rating: 1 Star2 Star3 Star4 Star5 Star
Steeve André

October 30th, 2017
10:57 AM
What they said...

Taste very good (Key Lime Cherry flavour). Great deal! First BCAA ever. It's a most for my training. I see a positive difference to my training!
Rating: 1 Star2 Star3 Star4 Star5 Star
Ontario, Canada

September 14th, 2017
6:39 AM
What they said...

Watermelon flavour- tastes amazing, lots of BCAA's and gives you that extra pump you need during your workout.
Rating: 1 Star2 Star3 Star4 Star5 Star
Alberta, Canada

August 28th, 2017
6:16 PM
What they said...

Definitely a BCAA product that differentiates itself from all the other on the market.
Gave me amazing energy during my workouts.
Has a great choice of flavors to chose from, my favorite was (green apple).
Ingredients are also distinct compared to other BCAA's, seeing how this BCAA contains; a Electrolyte blend, absorption agent, taurine, glutamine, & arginine.
Only thing is, is that it's a bit on the costly side, but if you don't mind spending some extra money then this is certainly a great grab.
Rating: 1 Star2 Star3 Star4 Star5 Star
British Columbia, Canada

August 3rd, 2017
2:02 PM
What they said...

I never took BCAA's before but my trainer told me about taking Mutant during my training. Tried the Fruit Punch & Peach and I gotta say the flavours are awesome! I like how this particular BCAA has Arginine in it for that pump during my workout. Great Product!
Rating: 1 Star2 Star3 Star4 Star

July 18th, 2017
9:30 PM
What they said...

Tastes great.
No bloating issues. Helps stay hydrated because of the electrolytes.
Easy to drink, mixes instantly. Key lime is my flavor of choice because its not too sweet and its not sour. It is the best of both worlds. My only concern is the amount of artificial sweeteners in this product and colors. If mutant could design one without these ingredients it would be a better option. Maybe in the future.
Rating: 1 Star2 Star3 Star4 Star5 Star

May 24th, 2017
4:44 AM
What they said...

amazing dosages to help recover
Rating: 1 Star2 Star3 Star4 Star5 Star
May 24th, 2017
4:43 AM
What they said...

taste is a meh but the dosage is amazing
Rating: 1 Star2 Star3 Star4 Star5 Star
British Columbia, Canada

February 9th, 2017
11:36 AM
What they said...

Absolutely love Mutant BCAA's, I'm a fan of almost all of the flavours except the key lime cherry... Fuzzy peach is great for a candy craving!
Rating: 1 Star2 Star3 Star4 Star5 Star
Northwest Territories, Canada

December 29th, 2016
6:36 PM
What they said...

Mutant got their bccas right. Great serving size, and taste. Makes drinking them intra workout or throughout the day easy.
Rating: 1 Star2 Star3 Star4 Star5 Star
Alberta, Canada

November 8th, 2016
12:32 PM
What they said...

Really like drinking this during my workouts. Honestly do not know if it does anything, but it keeps me hydrated. Taste is really personal preference but I liked the Green Apple flavor, but not liking the watermelon I just got. Will probably try the fruit punch next.
Rating: 1 Star2 Star3 Star4 Star5 Star

February 19th, 2016
5:21 PM
What they said...

The blue raspberry and watermelon flavours were both really good, would not recommend the green apple flavour though.
Rating: 1 Star2 Star3 Star4 Star5 Star
British Columbia, Canada

January 13th, 2015
7:33 PM
What they said...

I'm a huge fan of mutants BCAA and creatine. I tried this in green apple.. Was amazing! Hard to not finish early in the workout. Awesome electrolyte blend that contributes to my pump as well. Good amount of bcaa's plus some extra other aminos. I only buy by the bulk and I would order this 90
Serving tub again in a heart beat!
Rating: 1 Star2 Star3 Star4 Star5 Star

December 18th, 2014
7:39 AM
What they said...

Perfect for a pre/intra workout, watermelon taste good and
price per servings is awesome
Rating: 1 Star2 Star3 Star4 Star5 Star
Quebec, Canada

June 26th, 2014
7:21 AM
What they said...

Great BCAA, been using this one for almost a year now, amazing profile and taste is out of this world, another bomb from Mutant!
Rating: 1 Star2 Star3 Star4 Star5 Star
British Columbia, Canada

January 31st, 2014
9:37 AM
What they said...

Rating: 1 Star2 Star3 Star4 Star5 Star
British Columbia, Canada

July 25th, 2013
9:36 AM
What they said...

Great refreshing taste and awesome for summer with the added electrolytes

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