Vega Sport Performance Protein (20 serving)
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Vega Sport Performance Protein (20 serving)

Natural Plant Based Performance Protein

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Vega Sport Performance Protein Product Info

- BCAAs 5,000mg
- GLUTAMINE 5,000mg

About Vega Sport Performance Protein

Recharge and repair so you can do it all again, sooner. Vega Sport Performance Protein repairs and builds muscle tissue to reduce recovery time between training.


Take Vega Sport Performance Protein 45 to 90 minutes post-workout to recharge and repair.

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Vega Sport Performance Protein Customer Comments / Ratings

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Rating: 1 Star2 Star3 Star4 Star5 Star

June 5th, 2017
2:07 PM
What they said...

This is a great VEGAN product. It mixes well and tastes good. Most vegan or dairy free protein powders are too sweet and low in protein. I would recommend trying this in chocolate. It also works great in recipes you want to boost protein.
Rating: 1 Star2 Star3 Star4 Star5 Star
Alberta, Canada

July 11th, 2012
5:19 PM
What they said...

Whey gives me bloating so I was looking for an alternate source of Protein. I am also gluten intolerant and body is a little sensitive to artificial stuff. Its been over a month and I have so far consumed one Vega Container and no issues and loving its taste (Chocolate flavour). I would say its a quality protein and best alternative for those who dont like Whey, Soya or Egg based proteins.
Rating: 1 Star2 Star3 Star4 Star5 Star
Quebec, Canada

January 18th, 2012
6:58 PM
What they said...

This product is awesome. It contain everything the body need after a hard workout; taken 45 min after the Vega sport recovery it work wonders.
This is the best protein only for Vegan, the taste is great, not too green. Best serve with some almond milk.
Rating: 1 Star
Ontario, Canada

January 13th, 2012
12:53 PM
What they said...

WOW! Unbelievable taste and Amino Acid Profile! I've worked in the supplement industry for over 7 years, and tried every type of protein available, and putting quality and 'cleanliness' first, this the the BEST I've ever tasted. It even has a nice creamy texture mixed with just water. Compared to whey sources, the amino acids in Vega Sport are extremely well balanced. This is my new post workout for life because whey has become an allergen to me.

UPDATE: Why change a great thing, I'm deathly allergic to sunflower, so my once favourite is now off my shopping list. So sad...
Rating: 1 Star2 Star3 Star4 Star
New Brunswick, Canada

September 28th, 2011
11:56 AM
What they said...

Awsome quality. No bloated but tast is soso.. I still go for a Iso protein powder over this one

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