Ultimate Nutrition Bulgarian Tribulus
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Ultimate Nutrition Bulgarian Tribulus (90 caps) Exp 12/17

Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris

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Ultimate Nutrition Bulgarian Tribulus Product Info

Each capsule contains 750 mg. of pure Bulgarian State Standard Tribulus Terrestris. This natural herb exerts its testosterone elevating effect through the increase in luteinizing hormone (LG).

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Ultimate Nutrition Bulgarian Tribulus Customer Comments / Ratings

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New Brunswick, Canada

October 28th, 2017
10:48 AM
What they said...

This is a great product and noticing it's effects with a few days of use. Not too difficult to use and, can't wait to see how it does after 3 weeks or more on it.

This raises your natural level of test back to normal levels but, will not increase past it's natural occurring rate of your body type. A good product to use if you are like me in their 40's to get back of some of what age takes away. Will be buying this one (for sure) again. A great company with an outstanding product.

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