Animal Pak (44 packs x 2)
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Animal Pak (44 packs x 2)

The True Original Multivitamin Training Pack!

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Animal Pak (44 packs x 2) Product Info

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Animal Pak (44 packs x 2) Customer Comments / Ratings

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Alberta, Canada

March 30th, 2017
2:55 PM
What they said...

When I opened the jar of Animal Pak, it was like a time capsule; big ass non coated tablets, some odd brown, some weird looking, my guess was that their formula never "changed" from when it first came out in the 80s!

Overall Energy 4/5
Endurance 4/5
Mental Focus 3/5
Duration 5/5
Recovery 7/5 ... yes 7/5
Digestion 5/5

Unless your name is Tina and your throat is in the shape of an Italian sausage you will need big sips of water to swallow those tablets! It will be counterintuitive at first, but the biggest tablets are ok to swallow with big sips of water or some food. Personally, Animal Pak don't give me a sharp mental focus like another pack I tried (Magnum Primer), but it does give me an optimal level of energy for a longer period of time, also digestion is great the enzyme profile doesn't turn your gut into liquid. One day, I forgot to take them, and decided to take it after my workout, it improved my recovery exponentially I was shocked I must say, post workout energy was improved and the next day I felt great. From now on, I take one pack prior and one pack after big workouts (back, legs), only one pack for other training days. I tried taking 2 packs prior to a big workout, spaced up like the label suggest, and I did not notice a big difference in performance between 1 and 2 pack, so I stick to 1 pack prior. Good for serious lifters or athlete, if when you train you barely sweat, don't bother and stick to your gummies :P ! Its a great product and the recovery is tremendously enhanced, for me anyway, so I will buy again. Its totally worth buying and trying when there is a sale!
Rating: 1 Star2 Star3 Star4 Star
Quebec, Canada

April 19th, 2012
2:53 PM
What they said...

I think that animal pak is a great multi vitamines for those who are hard lifter. I would suggest it to everybody that really are pushing themselves at the gym. But remember to read the label carefully because if you only take one bag, you have to split every informations in half. But still a great product!!!!
Rating: 1 Star2 Star3 Star4 Star5 Star
October 22nd, 2009
8:20 PM
What they said...

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