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PhD takes Sports Nutrition seriously:

PhD demands perfection, both within our product range and our team of experts. We deliver results, strive to ensure you achieve your objectives and invest in the future of the athletic lifestyle. Our team is passionate about what we do, we’re all serious athletes and apply our own model of success to ensuring PhD becomes the number-one sports nutrition solution.

IOC allowed ingredients, 100% Drug Free:
As our team of athletes all compete within IOC drug-tested events, every product we develop must fall within the allowed IOC product listings. It makes sense that If we are designing premium, top of the range sports nutrition, we are going to design it with our team in mind. It’s vital that every ingredient passing through their body is as clean as the ingredients passing through yours. That’s why PhD Nutrition work closely with the MHRA to ensure that all ingredients in the products featured within the PhD portfolio are safe to use by all drug-free, drug-tested athletes.

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